Removal of an Epidermal Cyst along the midback

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so this patients coming in for a move of

a superficial lesion that Lathan is

mid-back and they have a resident

working with me today so I'm going to

ask them a couple questions I'm I'm

gonna make an effort not to refer them

by name just so there's no pressure

oh so you remember what have you cysts

this is not a dermoid cyst yeah so this

is epidermoid epidermis this is the same

remember what they're derived from how

they form yeah that's one of the

theories they think that these ones

that's more common for the Pilar says

specifically they think this is trauma

initiated so that there's some type of

trauma that dries the epidermal cells

down into the underlying dermis and

hypodermis so we've added some

anesthesia in through here the only

thing I tell residents with this one is