How To Identify Customer Needs And Wants

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Hey, welcome back to the Six Figure Mastermind, Marianne DeNovellis here and

we've got some very specific techniques and how to help you find what your

customers needs and wants are so stay tuned and take some notes.

How do you know what your customers need? Well, it's time to find out. The first

thing you're going to want to do is start collecting feedback from your

customers. This almost seems like a no-brainer but that the official person

that knows what they need is that person so how do you find out exactly what your

customer needs, exactly what they want? Maybe they're your client, maybe they're

your potential client. How do you find out exactly how to serve them best

because as an entrepreneur, that's what you do,

you're a solutions provider. So let's dig really deep on how to find out exactly

how you can serve them and what their needs are. The first thing that you need

to do is go and ask and there's many many ways to do that but my favorite way

is just to have a one-on-one conversation or to do a feedback on

social media. I love going on posting online and saying, what are your favorite

things about this? Or what you need most in this arena? So think about what you

have to offer, think about your product or your service or whatever it is that

you are giving to the world as an entrepreneur, whatever you're building

your six figures with and find out what exactly the customer is looking for. Now

I work in a group with several entrepreneurs and one of my favorite

entrepreneurs is of men who has a big Amazon store and he did some research