Top 10 Signs of a Cult (2018 Edition)

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hello everyone this is Calvin Raines

back here and today we're gonna be

looking at the top ten signs of a cult

trendy 18 edition this is going to be

revising my original Edition which came

out last year both of these editions

take a huge inspiration from Stephen

Hassan's book chromatic cult mind

control which I do highly recommend for

anybody watching this video as it is a

brilliant resource for anybody who wants

to educate themselves on cults so with

that said let's take a look at top ten

signs of a cult number ten loaded

language this is something you may have

noticed about Scientology that Javas

witnesses the Mormons which sounds like

crazy talk to people outside of the cult

serves a purpose as to redefine one's

vocabulary you can redefine one's mind

for example the Scientologists talk