The 4 Signs Covert Narcissism - What They Are and How to Identify Them

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hi my name is dr. Daniel Fox I'm a

licensed psychologist in the state of

Texas an expert in the area of

personality disorders and recently I've

been getting a lot of folks who've been

riding me asking about covert narcissism

what makes up covert narcissism covert

narcissism behavioral expressions and

things of that nature so I thought what

I would do is make a video on these four

components as well as I'll talk about

the sub components that make up covert

narcissism and hopefully that this can

help you identify it in yourself

identified in others so that you're

aware of who's in your interpersonal

circle sort of what tendencies they have

behavioral tendencies and perhaps build

some insight in yourself as to how they

they see the world so let's get started

so covert narcissism this can occur in