Real Cougar Track - How to Identify a 140lb. Killer Mountain Lion - Outdoor Survival

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so sleeping out last night about five

o'clock in the morning I heard these

screams that just made my spine tingle I

thought it was a woman screaming

honestly for the first three or four

screams I was I was unsure exactly what

it was but now as I'm traveling down my

little water path here up the Elk River

just scouting for some fish to spear I

come across this track right here let me

give you an indication of how I know

that this is a cougar track the

definition is losing its losing quick

because we're right at the water's edge

I suspect that what she did was took

another step into the water there and

made that jump I walked up that log and

write it up past that spruce tree right

there that's my guess I'm gonna have a

look and see if I can pick up any sign

but that's what I'm thinking right now