English Grammar: Linking Verbs (Copula)

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Hi everybody, welcome to, I'm Adam.

In today's video, I have a grammar lesson for you, and specifically we're going to look

at copula or linking verbs.

Copula - linking verbs, same thing, different names.

Most people don't really know or have never heard of this word - copula.

Sometimes it's an adjective, it's called copular verbs, but the more common one is the linking verbs.

And I'll show you in a moment what is actually being linked.

So, the most common copula verb is the "be" verb, and in its different forms, different

tenses, I should say.

Am, is, are, was, were, etc.

The most common other copula verbs are seem and appear, and you can combine them with

"to be".

And I'll show you examples, but appear to be, seem to be, and you can also use this

to make a passive structure, which I'll show you as well.

And look, and then you have your sense verbs.

Sound, taste, smell, and feel.

These are also state verbs, and they can also be action verbs, but we're going to look at

them as copula verbs.

And you'll notice that all of these copula verbs are not action verbs.

There is no action happening.

So, be careful with these four, because you can use them as action verbs as well.