Pediatric Exams: Concussion Evaluation

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>> Hi I'm Dr. Christina Master. I'm one of the sports medicine physicians and one of

the co-directors of the Minds Matter Concussion Program here at The Children's Hospital of

Philadelphia. We see a lot of concussions in children here at The Children's Hospital

and we're sure that you do as well. We'd like to share with you a lot of the new information

that we're learning and update you on how to best diagnosis and identify concussions

in children in your practice.

I'd like to introduce you to Ava. She's one of our patients who's had a couple of concussions

from sports. She plays ice hockey. She's completely recovered now, but she's agreed to help us

demonstrate the physical exam and the history that we would be taking to help you identify

concussions in your practice.

All right Ava, so tell me about your last concussion.

>> It happened about a month ago.

>> OK, tell me a little bit about how it happened.

>> I was going into a corner with a kid who was bigger than me and he hit me from behind.

>> OK, and did you have symptoms right away?

>> No.

>> OK, when did you start to have symptoms and start to wonder that maybe you had a concussion?

>> The next day.

>> OK, and what were those symptoms?

>> I was feeling nauseous. I had a headache and sensitivity to light.

>> OK, and you were able to finish the game without any problems?