How To Identify Your Chevy Engine Block With Casting Numbers

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hi there everybody welcome to the

channel so you guys are either looking

at or you've already bought a

small-block Chevy engine block and

you're kind of wondering was that guy on

Craigslist telling the truth well I'm

gonna show you guys how to look at the

casting number and figure out exactly

what you got and Brody here is gonna

help isn't that right

let's get started all right everybody so

this is the engine block we're working

with you guys might not be as lucky to

have it out of the car already like me

if it's in the car it's a little bit

more difficult to find but what you want

to look for is either on the front of

the engine here there might be a VIN

number on this front pad which is the

passenger side front but most of the