What Are The Early Signs And Symptoms Of A Cavity?

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Hi I'm Dr. Mark Burhenne DDS. Welcome to my weekly Q&A.

This is your chance to ask me questions, any questions you have about the mouth and oral health.

So, this week's question is "What Are The Early Signs and Symptoms of a Cavity?"

So I think the answer that you are expecting, you would expect me to say that there is pain,

there is hot and cold sensitivity, sugary foods will irritate the tooth,

spontaneous pain even, and that is correct. But I would argue that those are

the middle to late signs and if that's the case then, what are you to do?

You don't want to wait til that happens. So let us be the detector of the early

signs. Go see your dentist. The early signs to us are very clear. I mean, we

palpate, we touch, there's a certain tug back on the instrument. We know when

there's a cavity. We can look at x-rays. We have special lasers

and light that we can shine on the tooth. We can even see through a tooth with

bright lights and find this cavity. So the early signs are visible to us, they

are invisible to you. And by the time you are experiencing the signs and symptoms

of the cavity, it's not too late. It's just it's time to fill the tooth.

If you let us catch them early we can remineralize the cavities for you

or we can just do a very, very small plastic filling restoration, most the time even

without getting you numb.

So I hope this information helped. I would love to hear

your comments and please leave them below. And if you want more information

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