Noob's Guide to Car Culture!

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do you guys like videos about non-car

guys of course y'all degenerates do

those are my most viewed videos on this

channel well guess what I made this

video for you guys I also made it for

people who are anon car people and would

love to actually understand what we are

talking about today I'll be explaining a

large variety of terms and other slang

and jargon used in the car community and

what they mean ricer this is a horribly

overused term and most of the people who

use this term don't even use it

correctly a ricer is someone who has a

car that exhibits multiple traits that

would classify it as love rice rice

stands for racing inspired cosmetic

enhancement remember that there is a

difference between an actual racing

enhancement like a well done wing for

example the wing on the Viper ACR that