What are Neck Masses/Lumps? How to Identify & Examine them?

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Neck masses/lumps – Understand how a mass forms in the neck and identify them

Introduction (Approach to Neck Masses)

A variety of diseases

could present as a lump or mass in the neck.

These could be inflammatory,

congenital, or neoplastic lesions.

Whenever a patient presents with a neck mass,

it requires some work up,

especially if a malignant neoplasm

(i.e. cancer) is suspected.

Basic anatomy

Work up for neck masses

requires a basic understanding

of the structure of the neck

and at which level they lie.

One way to localize the different structures

is to divide the neck into a number of triangles.

Another way to define location

is the levels system.

This system is especially useful

when defining enlarged lymph nodes in the neck.