How to Identify a Bug Bite and What to Do With It

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Ah yes, summer’s at its peak, and you’re going out to have some fun.

At a barbecue, by the sea, in a park or on a lake shore.

But wait!

Who’s gonna bug you, and spoil all the pleasure?

Someone very small, but very annoying.

Yes, it’s those two-year-old twins running amuck, spilling the lemonade and pulling the

doggie’s tail.

Aren’t they a handful?

Where are their parents?

Anybody got a leach?

Okay actually, this isn’t about them.

It’s about some other pests.

Yep, Insects.

There are zillions of them, and most are innocent and scared out of their wits of the huge humans.

But a few others can bite or sting you and cause real trouble.

Let’s see which ones you’d rather keep off your party list.



Almost all 40,000 different kinds of spiders are venomous.

Don’t panic!

Not for people.