Billiards Tutorial: All About Pool Cues!!

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hi my name is foreign color Santana's

venom as you know material is very poor

in the gaming pools today is gonna be

all of our pool cues

so you're gonna find about a million

different cues in a pool store it is

this little bit of everything for every

budget by my opinion there's really just

three categories that are worth it to

talk about so you've got professional

cues intermediate level cues and a house

cue house cue is about the lowest price

point you can get it's usually a one

piece cue got nothing special just

hardwood you know no no fancy inlays or

anything like that but it's got you know

cue a shaft a tip and a ferrule so

usually they're about as good as they

get that's what you're gonna get in a

pool it's this one is 29.95 so 30 bucks