How to identify a brown recluse spider

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hey Mike Withrow pest control here and

do you think that you have brown recluse

spiders in your home well today's video

will be going through how to properly

identify a brown recluse spider and show

you what they really look like so stay

tuned you had a lot of samples

sent to us people thinking they found on

recluse spiders there's a few telltale

signs for them the best way to identify

spiders is by looking at the eye pattern

and we'll show you here on this sample

under a microscope and get lined up you

can see the three pairs of eyes there

which is what we're looking for on the

brown recluse is a little bit hard to

see this one's been dead for a little

bit and it's got the droplets that are

now covering those but definitely the

one on the left you can see is

indicative of what the other ones are