Stubbed Toe? How to Treat? See a Dr? Is it Broken? We will Guide You.

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hi I'm Bob Shrum physical therapist

Brannock physical therapist together

we're the most famous physical therapist

on the internet and our opinion of

course Brad this has happened till

probably almost all of us here getting

up at night you stub your toe you know

and what should you do after that do you

need to see a doctor is it broken

you know how do you treat it so we're

gonna try to give you some guidelines

and that hurts Bob oh it hurts because

I've done it yeah it was like it's

broken oh yeah but a lot of times it's

not yeah and I'll go through my scenario

to learn what happened but when you stub

your toe if you first hear like a pop or

a snap mm-hmm there's more likely that

you broke it okay and if you hear the

sound if you look at the toe and it's