How to find a brake fluid LEAK....pedal feels like a sponge or goes to the floor

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so this video will help you fight so

this video mostly will help you find a

bad brake line as opposed to the other

brake components on your car if your

pedal is going soft and going to the

floor you think you might have a leak in

a brake line but you can't find it

here's week with the engine off press

the brake pedal as hard as you can you

might feel something all of a sudden

give way or the pedal will just slowly

go to the floor or it will just hold

pressure in this case it's slowly going

to the floor that's at the floor so when

that happens you know there's a leak

somewhere and and one of the brake lines

or components gave way in this case

you'll definitely be able to see where

the fluid is coming from because it's

kind of spray out of there if it's just

a little pinhole it will leak enough