How To Check For a Blown Fuse

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hey what's going on wonderful people of

YouTube this is Keith and you're

watching Barbara's Auto help today I'm

going to show you three quick and easy

ways to check for a bad fuse of course

the most simple method for checking a

bad fuse would be a visual inspection

usually your fuses will look something

like this it's got clear plastic and you

can see right through to the the fuse

there and you can see that one's intact

here's an example of a bad fuse that

blew and you can see that it's missing a

section inside there so that fuse blue

they're not all of your fuses look like

that though you could have fuses that

are like this it's got three legs which

is basically two fuses in one with the

same amperage rating there but you can

kind of see in there and see the little

fuse inside on both sides this one's in