How do you know if you're bisexual? Signs, myths and bisexuality explained

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Hi, I'm Stephan. I'm a bisexual trans man and in this video I'm going to be

talking about how to know if you might be bisexual.

So, what is bisexuality? What are the signs that you might be bisexual?

And what does it actually mean to be bisexual?

We're going to be covering all

of that and more in this video,

so make sure you stick around

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First, a little bit about me.

I first came out as bisexual when I was seventeen

and that was also when I was still identifying as female.

This came about because of shows like Glee and Skins where I saw these young

queer women unashamedly being themselves and loving who they loved without caring

what anybody else thought.

I really resonated with these characters and their experiences and their feelings

and that is what led me to first identifying as bi.

I went on a bit of a journey after that with different labels and identities,

I ended up identifying as a lesbian for a little while

but then that didn't quite feel right to me because I started

questioning my gender.

I found it hard to reconcile my gender