Cockroach Monday | Ep.1 | Identification | Easily identify your roach problem

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hey everybody this is Jason acres with

green acres pest control I started a new

series this is the beginning Episode one

of cockroach Mondays now if you've been

watching my streams lately or my videos

I've been doing a special on Mouse

Mondays and since the end of November

beginning of December now I've moved on

from mice and we're going to talk a

little bit more about cockroaches I'm

sorry about whatever this cameras doing

to my shirt see now there I fixed it but

uh and there I did it again look at that

well anyway we're going to go in talking

about cockroaches today now

the first episode is mostly just how to

identify your cockroach problem let me

do so I'll go show you some Google

searches that I did and brought up some

really good images for you so that you

could identify what your problem is you