4L80E Differences between Early and Late models

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hi welcome to monster transmissions this is Curt we're not exactly on coach

corner today without the shop but today we're going to go over the differences

in a for la de then that's a very popular GM transmission four-speed

automatic and there's differences in the different years that the transmission

was manufactured the first transmissions made 1990 that goes all the way up into

the 2000s and as the transmission evolved like all transmissions there are

some different characteristics and different castings that you look for to

ensure you order the right transmission so we first start with the early model

this is made from again 1990 all the way up to 94 and you'll notice here on the

side of the transmission on the passenger's side or the two core line

fittings here on the transmission that are both here in the front like a lost

automatic transmissions and in later 95 96 and later all those years they did

a change in the casting because of the design problem so they actually have

modified the case and there's an output line here and a return line is in the

back of the case this goes directly into the center support and that's the fix

that problem they have of burning up the planetaries so that was immediate change

but as far as you updating your transmission or getting the correct one

we didn't know if the coil mincer together so it says up is going to ask

you that or the coil lines together what year is your vehicle is it a factory

transmission the other differences are is that the actual case changed this is

the early GM design basic concept for regular 5.7 a 350 engine and this is the