How-To Tear Down Chevy 350 Small Block Engine Motorz #63

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I'm Chris Duke and today on Motorz we're tearing down our Chevy small block to get it ready for


Presented by AMP Research. For the past four seasons

of Motorz, we've shown you how to modify the suspension for both cars and trucks

improve your vehicles performance by showing you how to install everything from an air intake

all the way up to a supercharger. Add a ton of aftermarket accessories

and maintain your vehicle, but one thing we've yet to touch is

the heart of it all. The show is called Motorz afterall so it's about time we

started working on one of these things. We picked up this old Chevy 350 small block

V8 engine online, for under $100. Now the great thing about

working on an engine like this is that it is very common, really cheap, they're easy to work on

plus there is a lot of parts and information available on them

when shopping for an old vehicle to rebuild the biggest question is whether or not the frame is

straight, similarily when shopping for an old engine the biggest question is whether

or not the block is usable. Now whether you saw the engine running and then pulled it out

of the vehicle, or pulled it out a junkyard, the only way to truely know if the block

is usable is by breaking it down and taking a closer look at the block itself

Over the course of several episodes this season we're going to show you how to rebuild an engine

on a budget that performs well on pump gas. On todays episode

we're going to show you how to tear down this Chevy 350 engine and what to look for