How To Tell The Year Of A 700r4 Transmission

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hello guys I'm pretty much if you

watching this video you want to figure

out what year 700r4 you got full order

and rebuild kit in parts and so forth

but most 700r4 parts doing a change way

your son gets you and you know well

pretty much you're getting into it you

going on August but you need to know

exactly what bow body do you got what

you ideas so can order to pop a kit till

we build those pots and then if you

upgrading the Sun gear shell and all

that to you were one about that soon but

this video hang about that this video

was about finding out what here you'll

settle on it off or yes

as you can see we got one puked pretty

much tuck pot we building it you know we

got one down on the other and all what

you don't well I have to order a kit for

this and so pretty much I wanted to show