How To Detect A Two Way Mirror [Fingernail Test]

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hi this is James at optical mirror today

I'm going to teach you how to detect a

two-way mirror a regular mirror can be

seen here and you'll notice there's

something called the fingernail test

which is when you take your Fingal

fingernail and hold it against the

surface of a mirror like so and if you

see a gap between your finger and its

reflection that means it's a standard

mirror then that's only a half-truth

because there are many different types

of two-way mirrors on the market the

mirror that won't pass the fingernail

test is actually the most common two in

there on the market which is called

mural painting or transparent mirror and

it comes in a glass so if you put your

finger against the glass - in here

you'll see your finger is touching its

reflection so that's a surefire way to