How to tell Solid Sterling 925 Silver from Fake Silver or Stainless Steel Using the Ice Test

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here we have two spoons one is made of

sterling silver and one is a stainless

steel spoon this is the stainless steel

one as you might be able to guess like

the color of it and this is the solid

silver solid sterling silver desert

spoon obviously this is a desert spoon I

think it's definitely a take thing but I

think what I'm about to show you is

still a good way or at least give it

getting a first indication of real

silver from silver plated or base metal

spoons like this this process isn't

going to tell you the grade of the

silver it's not going to confirm the

certain that it's actually even made of

silver I'm pretty happy with it is a

test for for verifying spoons to be

honest you should really buy a chemical

kit that will tell you not only whether

or not it's genuine silver but the grade