What WIRE GAUGE SIZE for amplifier install? How to calculate!

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so you want to install an aftermarket

amplifier into your vehicle but you know

what there's a ton of different sizes of

wire to choose from which one do you

need to use and what type of wire should

you pick I'm gonna make choosing the

right wire really simple let's do some


first things first understand that there

are different types of wire and I'm

gonna explain to you guys why you want

to pick this type of wire here over this

type towards the end of the video but

let's get straight into the calculations

the first value that we need to know is

the RMS power rating of our amplifier if

we look in the manual here we can see

that this is stable down to 2 ohms and

it provides 800 watts RMS at that to own

load if we were using multiple

amplifiers let's say that we have a 4