How to Tell the Difference Between iPhone 6 and 6S

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how do you tell the difference between

an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s so when buying

an a secondhand phone sometimes people

say it's an iPhone 6s and in fact it is

just an iPhone 6 so here's a quick way

for you to tell if it's an iPhone 6 the

look exactly the same very similar

physically everything looks very similar

but internally it has a better hardware

with the iPhone 6s and see here so one

of the easiest way to tell is by looking

at the marketing of the phone over here

you can see it got the s model so this

is the iPhone 6 with an S model right

here at the bottom so that is one of a

quick way to detail another way to tell

is the model number so yeah there's a

model number right there so you can

quickly quickly google and see the model

number and you can quickly tell if it's

a success of this is 6 so you can see