Palpation of the Anterior Chest: Finding the Five Cardiac Areas

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hi guys dr. Jill 'red I'm throwing

together a real quick video to talk

about palpation of the anterior thorax

here which would be good for first

quarter and fifth quarter CVB pathology

it'll help you guys both out a little

bit we're going to be talking about the

five cardiac areas we're actually going

to be palpated my grandson here in a

second but I thought I'd start out

before I run that video let's start out

with just a little basic fanat imme this

is obviously and skeleton here and

here's how the the deal works we are

interested in the a pet monkey areas

those are the five cardiac areas and you

need to know how to palpate them really

good because by the time you get ready

to auscultate we're gonna skip palpation

you just need to know where they are so

you need to palpate them a bunch of