Identifying Magic Items for Dungeons & Dragons 5E

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hi welcome to how to D&D my name is

Frederick Wimmer and today I want to

discuss how to identify emetic items all

of the references for this video will be

coming from the Dungeon Master's guide

on page 136 and the sage advice provided

by Jeremy Crawford on the internet there

are only two ways that you can identify

a magic item once you have detected that

the item is in fact magical the first

one or fastest way is to cast the

identify spell the spell requires a

pearl with at least 100 gold pieces or

and you don't actually consume the pill

when you cast the spell so you don't

have to have multiple pills to cast this

the second option is that you your

character spins a short rest and

physical contact with one of those magic

items you can only do one at a time

during short rest and during that time