4L60E Design Changes and Tags

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as of the year 2013 the foil 6te has

been in production for over 21 years and

I want to spend a few minutes to help

you recognize the changes in its design

over time I also want to show you how to

locate and decode information on the

case so you can learn at a glance things

like the year was made in which engine

it was paired to and finally I want to

talk about compatibility issues with

torque converters filters and dip sticks

I want to start by dividing the 4l60e

into three groups based on how the case

changed over the years the transmissions

I have here are for production years

1997 1999 and 2004 and they're perfect

examples I'll use to show how the foil

60e evolved over time the first group

built from 93 to 1997 has a one-piece

case the next group manufactured until

1999 introduced the two-piece case and