Netflix: How to Find 4k Movies & TV Shows including WHICH PLAN YOU NEED to watch UHD content.

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hey friends make that helpful dad coming

to you with another quick tip about

Netflix today we're gonna talk about how

to find 4k content on Netflix whether

that be TV shows or movies and also

which plan you have to have on Netflix

in order to be able to watch that

content of course assuming that you have

a 4k TV capable of that so we make lots

of quick tips for you and longer tips

for you about Netflix watching TV on pro

on Amazon Prime and the different

streaming apps you can find us on the

YouTube at the helpful dad or you can

also go to our blog that helpful dad

calm here's some examples of the things

that we write about on our blog I'll put

a link in the video description so you

can access the blog if you want but you

can just see some examples we do more

than just t be on our blog we also have