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hey youtubers my vintage iron here I

wanted to do a video on cylinder heads

specifically 350 Chevy heads the earlier

style head get a lot of questions about

350 heads which weights 350 head should

I buy and build an old street rod motor

I'm building a truck motor what have you

which 350 n should I be building I've

broken it down into a few different

castings and really when you look for

cylinder heads you you need to look at

the casting number on the head because

not all small-block Chevrolet heads are

created the same there's a lot of

differences on some more much better

performing than others some were better

at holding up against cracking than

others and so forth so I've kind of

broken it down I want you to take a look

at them so first head we've got here is

this this one here now this is an