32-bit vs 64-bit Computers & Phones as Fast As Possible

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a quick search on our hype evaluation

machine also known as the Google reveals

just shy of 9 million hits about sixty

four-bit vs. 32-bit processors no some

of this hype was started by the pc crowd

back when AMD launched their first

desktop PC 64-bit CPU back in 2003 but

since last fall's launch of the iPhone

5s the first smartphone with a 64-bit

CPU it's become a hot topic again but

what does it actually mean for average

Joe let's start with what a bit is very

briefly here one bit is a single

character in binary either 1 or 0 so it

can only express up to 2 values with 2

bits we can express up to 4 values and

with 3 bits that goes up to 8 every bit

we add increases the number of different

values we can represent in binary

exponentially now you'll hear about bits

in relation to all kinds of computer