How to check a 240-Volt Outlet for Voltage

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hey everyone Tim with frets appliance

Academy here with another great video

for you today in today's video I'm gonna

show you how to properly check voltage

at a 240 volt 3 and 4 prong outlet it's

very important that we check the voltage

this is the most overlooked diagnosis in

a home and I know I've said that before

when we checked 120 volt outlets we're

gonna use this dryer here as an example

and I'm going to show you how to check

the voltage here by using this clear

plastic sleeve with the white piece of

paper inside of it and a dry erase

marker we find drawing the outlets out

really help to diagnose that outlet so

what we're going to really need to do

first is we're gonna have to disconnect

the voltage supply from the dryer for

safety purposes first once we have the

power disconnected we're gonna have to