Checking for a Bad Breaker

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thank you for checking out my tutorial

on how to check for bad breakers in this

tutorial we're going to work with both

single pull and double pull breakers now

the only tools you're going to need for

this project is a flathead screwdriver

and a digital voltmeter the first step

in this process will be to remove the

panel cover from the panel so in any

order you like remove the panel cover

screws and set them off to the side once

you remove the last screw make sure you

hold your hand firmly against the face

of the panel then gently remove the

panel cover and set it off to the side

first take the red lead of your digital

meter and put it on the breaker terminal

then take the black lead and place it on

the neutral bar this is where all the

white wires get connected

you should read somewhere around 120