How to Check if Rs 2000 Notes are Real or Fake? (Hidden Security Features)

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hey what's up guys this is shoe cache

once again let me show you how to check

if you're 2,000 rupees not real or fake

this is a new currency note in India and

you might not have clear idea about the

security features of this note so really

be careful before you accept one now a

lot of you guys are saying that this

note itself look like fake like play

money you use on mu nepali games it's

much smaller and the color is also

little bit funky magenta though some of

you guys are saying that it's pink or

purple but it's actually magenta you

have Gandhiji portrait at the front but

at the back there is just a single image

of India's Mars orbiter Mongolian and

looks like the new note is simpler and

easier to copy but I will show you 20

amazing security features that are

almost impossible to counterfeit before