1889 Morgan Silver Dollars / Low Value vs High Value Explained

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we're here with Sam Schaeffer

numismatics and today I'm doing a short

video on Morgan Silver Dollars because I

want to go over what makes these coins

very valuable and what makes them common

and the ways that you can quickly

identify in your own collection whether

you might have a rare Morgan Silver

Dollar so here is two recent

acquisitions that we have purchased two

1889 Morgan Dollars and we have a nicer

one here on the left that has more

detail and then we have a more

circulated one here on the right now the

one on the left this is a coin that we

paid around 20 22 dollars for and this

one is kind of a low-end uncirculated or

possibly even an au depending on you

know what the if there's any friction on

that cheek or not it's kind of a slider

now this one obviously quite a bit more