How can I tell if my Morgan Silver Dollar is real or fake?

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howdy folks modern miner here hope y'all

are having any fantastic weekend so far

so today I wanted to talk about the

Morgan dollar now I've done a video

about this before about some of the

basics of the Morgan dollar but I've

gotten a few comments over time where

people are asking me how can they tell

if their Morgan dollar is real or fake

so I wanted to go over some of the

tell-tale signs or at least some of the

red flags that I look for when trying to

distinguish the authenticity of a Morgan

dollar so we're gonna take a look at

this one it's a 1902 Philadelphia pretty

nice coin not too much we're on it this

is a genuine Morgan dollar it's a nice

coin right this one 1901 Philadelphia

this coin is fake and I'm sure a lot of

you can tell right off the bat without

me even having to tell you but for those