Morgan Silver Dollar - The Basics and What You Should Know

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there is a lot of information to take in

about the Morgan Silver Dollar so today

I wanted to simplify it a little bit

some people might not know what a Morgan

dollar is some people might just be

getting into it and they want to low a

little more about it

hello you - how you doing today this is

what we're gonna be talking about

so the Morgan dollar is a of course one

dollar coin

they're made from 90% silver 10% copper

they were minted from 1878 to 1904 and

then again in 1921 they were minted in

five different locations Philadelphia

San Francisco New Orleans Carson City

and Denver the only year that they made

Morgan Dollars in Denver is in 1921 some

of the more rare dates to look for in

the Morgan dollar series the the two

most rare dates are 1895 and 1893 I say