How to test 14k 18k gold

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I'm gonna show you how we test gold this

ring I bought it for scrap I'm gonna

melt it down and use it for making

something alright stamped 14 karat gold

so to test it first we're gonna we're

gonna file into it a little bit because

if it's plated or something or if

there's sometimes like a overlay of gold

we want to make sure that it's solid

gold I don't really care about saving

this design because I'm gonna be melting

this piece anyway like I said it's it's

stamped 14 karat so we have our little

space right there I'm gonna take our 14

karat acid a little bit Oh take a 14

karat acid and what should happen it's a

mixture of diluted nitric acid for 14

karat gold is diluted to a certain to a

certain strength what should happen is