How to Hem Pants by Hand - Step by Step

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hi Dominica here from easy sigh free

beginner's calm in this video I'm going

to be showing you how to hand paint by


now for any stage you want to jump to a

different part of the tutorial then just

check the description box down below and

I'll have some links to the different

steps there for you okay so let's get

started okay so first off you'll need to

grab the pants that you want to hear and

you'll need to unpick the current hem

that's already there so grab your quick

on pick and you'll just need to go

through and unpick all those stitches on

both thanks

okay so for this step you'll need to

work out where you want your parent leg

to go down to so if the parents are

quite long it might be best to fold them

up on the outside like that and get the