Sunflower seeds: How to peel the shell Sunflower seeds easily- Sunflower seeds shell removal at Home

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hey guys welcome back

so adding to demarcate the oddities who

I came across this sunflower seed I

bought this because I wanted to make

sunflower oil with it and I wanted

buying the one that has already been

peeled but I couldn't find anything that

just kin already being built I just

decided to buy this and when I came home

do I saw I notice that this seed we are

very tiny these species are very tiny I

just had to buy it like that I thought I

was going to find an easy way of peeling

it the pilot with Han is very difficult

tried to crack my head to find out the

easiest way to beauties I came up with a

method of peeling these easily some ways

to show you how you can kill your

sunflower seed is this metal is actually

very difficult and his time wasting if

you put a whole lot of this seed it will