How to Shell Pumpkin Seeds : Pumpkin Recipes

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hi it's Kat Dylan here and today I'm

going to show you how to shell pumpkin

seeds the pumpkin seeds that we have in

our pumpkins are virtually impossible to

shell without a machine so I'm going to

show you a trick to make these so that

you can actually eat the whole thing the

whole shell and inside of these pumpkin

seeds so basically you're going to clean

all the flesh off you're going to strain

them and then you'll put them back into

water and boil them for about 10 to 15

minutes at that point you're going to

just strain them again and put them on a

sheet tray that's lined with either

cloth or a paper towel

so after you've boiled and dried your

pumpkin seeds then you're going to just

lay them in on a sheet tray that has

either coconut oil or palm oil something

that has quite a bit of a high smoking