The Easiest Way To Shuck Corn! | The Meredith Vieria Show

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shucking corn can be a pain in the neck

joining us is Rhoda boon from Epicurious

who said she has a trick and it is

something you should know welcome Rhoda

what's the trick you Thank You this is a

the fastest easiest way to shuck corn so

we've got a whole ear of corn in the

husk we've microwaved it for 4 to 5

minutes okay we're going to take it out

it's really hot it just kind of steams

right in that husk I'm going to cut off

the end here okay and you just kind of

squeeze it and shake it and it comes

right ready to eat you get more than one

at the same time you sure can just add

an extra minute for each additional ear

of corn