Husking/Hulling Black Walnuts - Efficient and Fast

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we're in the second week of October here

in central New York State and right now

it's absolutely peak black walnut season

so maybe you live in a northern state

where there are black walnuts raining

down like crazy I keep my eyes peeled

whatever we're driving and periodically

there'll be a tree right along the road

where there's just carpets of nuts

friend of mine Andy and I were able to

collect ten gallons 15 gallons per

minute of walnuts the other day in the

husk the challenge though is once you

have all those nuts how do you clean

them and get them to a place where you

can actually dry them and store them

it's one of the most flavorful nuts on

earth but until you get the husk off

they're not really great for storage so

I'm going to show you the steps that we

use it's super mucky and grimy and