How to Husk and Open Coconut without Tools

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what's up everybody welcome back to

Malibu to over safety is number one

priority I'm still in the bubble as some

of you probably already know that if you

follow me on Instagram but look at that

beautiful Islander there it's so

majestic so I'm on a tropical island I

thought what would be better if I do

some survival videos maybe hard to open

a coconut it's a really hard to open

coconut some of you probably already

know that if you tried it before you

have to help too well today I'm going to

teach you how to tell the coconut ripe

or not second how to do husk coconut and

how to open a coconut not using any tool

not even a lock at all so let's see how

so first thing you want to do obviously

is find the coconut in the island like

this it's a lot of them they're like

everywhere land on the floor you don't