How to Husk a Coconut

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I’m going to show you how to husk a coconut really quick using this sharp stick - then

I’m gonna show you how I do it with my teeth.

All kinds of ways to open a coconut.

No need a can opener - I’m gonna open it with my teeth and a stick.

Check it out, right here.

How fast was that?

Pretty cool, huh.

Now let’s do it with the teeth.

Here’s a coconut.



Alright, we’re gonna cut a piece on the end.

Cut the coconut, use the knife that you want to - smaller than this, maybe bigger than

this, but don’t use the very sharp edge.

It might go right through if you aren’t experienced.

Use the back of the knife.

Make sure it doesn’t bounce into your face or into your ears and cut them off.

Make sure you have the face of the coconut, right there.

Two eyes, the mouth, a little nose right here.

Then you cut right across the line between the eyes.

Very simple.