How You Accidentally Hurt Your Parent's Feelings (r/AskReddit)

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serious parents have read it what's

something your kids do without realizing

it hurts your feelings my 12 year old

son basically ignores me as much as he


it's puberty and it's all normal but a

year ago I was still his favorite person

and now it's all about his friends girls

and video games and I'm the uncoolest

person on the planet apparently I made

him Gil for a walk with me and the dog

the other day just to try to have some

conversation and he said why do you make

me do things that make me unhappy to

which I responded spending time with me

makes you unhappy and he said yes I told

him he could turn around and go back

home and he did I cried the whole way to

the dog park my almost three-year-old

twins often tell me I'm not invited to

their birthday party my five-year-old