Knee pain and injury prevention when returning to exercise Pt.1 - Squats | Tim Keeley | Physio REHAB

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all right welcome back now today I'm

gonna go through how to prevent

mechanical knee pain when you're

returning the sport and exercises and

we're going to give you some tips with

squats lunges and step ups we'll go

through the squats first now these

things are things you're going to spot

in the gym so you don't get injured or

pain down the track when you're either

doing more gym or you're running or

you're returning to sport because in the

gym that's when you are training that's

when you can see it so if we go into a

squat with Claire what we're looking for

is making sure for a squat biggest focus

is about the knee rolling in there

you've probably seen there's a lot of

times before but this is so important

because if Claire say has a weak left

side when she squats if you go for a