How to Tear Your ACL

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hey guys we're here at the courts and

today we're going to teach you know how

to tear your ACL this is going to be an

in-depth tutorial of the two methods

supposed to stop and pop and the jump

twist and send lens so I'm here with


both of us are veteran ACLs she's

actually torn too and we're going to

show you all the basics and the loops

and more advanced parts of how to do it

at home or on the court by yourself now

your ACL is in your knee and it pairs

pretty easily especially in girls in

sports like soccer and basketball today

we're going to show you a basketball way

of how to do it and it's pretty easy I

wouldn't try to set home unless you're

definitely ready to do it

it takes a lot of preparation and it

hurts a little bit not too bad so here