Top 7 Knee Pain Relief Treatments - Ask Doctor Jo

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hey everybody it's Doctor Jo, and today I'm gonna show you my top seven

treatments for knee pain. so let's get started.

so as you can see, I'm wearing a knee support sleeve, but I'm gonna talk

about that a little bit later. so I'm gonna go ahead and take this off and

start with some of the treatments. so the first thing is going to be patella mobs

or kneecap mobs, and the reason why this is an important treatment is because the

kneecap is attached to the quad tendon, and the patellar tendon, and then the

quad muscle up top. and so when these are really tight, it puts a lot of pressure

and tension on that kneecap pushing it down into the joint. so the more you can

have your kneecap moving around, the less pressure and pain in your knee. so this

is one of the things where some people really hate this movement. it kind of

freaks them out a little bit, so it's, you can do it yourself, but you need to be

completely relaxed. so if you need somebody else to do it for you, that's

fine. so just kind of take your fingers, find your kneecap, and sometimes it's in

a different spot than where mine is depending on just your makeup of your

body, but put your fingers on each side and then you're just gonna push side to

side. so you can see that my kneecap is moving pretty well because I don't

really have any knee issues, but if you're having a lot of pain or if you

have an injury in there it might not move very much. but what you want to do

is make sure you're not pushing down while you're going to side to the side.

you're just really going side to side because if you're pushing down, you're